LTo commit to memory as many digits - randomly consisting of 2 different digits of 0 and 1 - as possible from 200 lines of 30-digit numbers in required memorization time.

There are different versions of "Binary Digits" as follows:
Binary Digits (1min) 1 minutes 3 minutes
Binary Digits (5min) 5 minutes 15 minutes
Binary Digits (15min) 15 minutes 30 minutes
Binary Digits (30min) 30 minutes 60 minutes

In this category, Memoriad™ Software generates 200 lines of 30-digit numbers that consist of different combinations of digits 0 and 1 (e.g. 1100101001010...) and show them in sequence on the screen of each competitor’s computer.

The computer generated numbers are presented in five pages on the screen and each page covers 25 lines of 30 digits.

Johannes MALLOW (Germany) INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAD - 2012 Score: 4095

Mayank Mukesh Jain (India) INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAD - 2012 Score: 181

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