Calculating mentally the week day of 75 Gregorian calendar dates randomly selected from the year of 1600 to 2099.

25 random dates between the beginning year of 1600 to the end of 2099 are generated by MEMORIAD™ Competition Software as seen below;

04-11-1756 or 04-Nov-1756 (For 04-11-1756 1756; The first number must be the day, the second number must be the month and the third number must be the year.)

All the dates are randomly chosen among the dates in Gregorian calender.

Myagmarsuren MİİGAA (Mongolia) - MEMORIAD WORLD RECORD ATTEMPTS-2015 | Score: 110

Akshita Shailesh SHAH (India) - INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAD-2012 | Score: 81

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