1.What is this class about ?

Ans: Our children are learning Math the wrong way. They are more likely tolerating Math than enjoying it. We cannot really expect anyone to learn with the Dinosaur method and turn into a Genius. Genius kid – The Pioneer of super sensory development in the children; have now brought this innovative and effective technique into Workshops which can be offered to kid as multi – intelligence. In our Unique 3 year program student are trained for Speed Calculations, Memory Enhancement & Logical development.

2. How it is useful for them ?

Ans: We build and teach concepts of Mental Math and Memory that help children gain confidence. This program is a basic course that will show numbers in a new light. It consists of different Modules that takes the understanding and love for numbers towards affective learning.

3. What is the difference between your classes and Abacus classes?

Ans: First of all we don’t compare our course with any respective Classes. We are into mental sports. We play with numbers and don’t believe in theories. Basically its a Math loving Class. Our program focuses more on developing not only the visual skills which benefits to eye and hand coordination but also developes auditory skills where a child can calculate numbers by just listening at them. We don’t have any level. Abacus teach School level Math Whereas we train kids for sports.

4. Is there any Age limit to learn and if yes than Why?

Ans: Yes, we do have age criteria of 4 to 14 yrs as at this age the grasping power of a child is high.

5. What after 3 yrs ? will my child be able to do the same things which they use to do in this Program ?

Ans: Yes, but there are some possibilities that the speed may decrease if there is no regular practice. Daily practice is require to sustain the same speed.

6. What if the child leaves in the middle of the course ?

Ans: This is a result oriented program and normally it does not happen module learnt by child is life long asset, but with a regular practice.

7. Why should parents enroll their child in Genius kid ?

Ans: We firmly believe each child is a unique individual with enormous potential to be developed for the young’s multiple intellectual developments enabling them to harness the extraordinary powers of the brain to produce wonderful results. Not only will make your child “Standout from the CROWD. Our education empowers individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. Students, who attend the VARIOUS programs, broaden their perspectives on world competitions, topics, and in their respective school curriculum. We transform average minds to genius minds, scholars into leaders and grant access to our creators, often lauded as some of the world’s greatest thinkers.

8. Do you give any guarantee about your classes ?

Ans: We assure the benefits of learning for all modules only the speed and accuracy may vary.

9. Why do you teach memory cubing ?

10. Is Mid brain activation and Genius kid program linked ?

Ans: No. Genius kid is today Ranking no. 1 World wide with multiple Guinness World Records We train kids for Mental Sports and not the school curriculum

11. What is the importance of Math in life ?

Ans: The most 4 important signs of any individual on this planet are +, -, x and /.We start the day with counting from the time we wake up. The number of spoons of sugar werequire for the morning tea to the time at which we should start work till we end our work.School Exams, Entrance Exams, Accounts, Monetary Matters, Daily expenditure, Routine budget,etc all involves the use of above 4 signs. At Genius kid the students master the art of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square root Mentally in fraction of secs.

12. As a teacher have you noticed any changes in children after joining Genius Kid Program ?

Ans: Yes, there are changes in students like they have become confident , they do not fear exams, even they have started taking interest in all the classes and it has helped them in school academics as well.

13. After performing since decades in India why Abacus, Ucmas, Aloha are not able to defeat Genius Kid ?

Ans: We don’t believe in comparing. We just train our children for a sports level and not for school academis. We play with numbers and don’t believe in theories. We focus more on Fun rather then giving any stress. So naturally they are confident, can face any challenge given, and can defeat them.

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