In any field in Logic is the art of non-contradictory identification. It is the Mental Tool that sets the standard for proper thought. It is the foundation of knowledge. It is the means of understanding and clarity. Without logic, we could not distinguish between the true and the false.
To sharpen Logical skills the tool used is Rubiks Cube - The world's best puzzle solving game It takes a lifetime for an individual to solve a rubiks cube, but students trained a Genius Kid can solve a Rubiks Cube within 40 seconds.

Memory Cubing – This the cube which is solved above the head after seeing the situation this is solve in less than 20 seconds.

Cube Mentors

Learn Solving the Professional Rubik’s from World Record Holders in Mental Math and Memory Certified Cube Mentors from Indian Cube Association

Taking away the bad most kids.

Nowadays are glued to television, computer games, mobile apps.Develops Logical thinking and Eye Hand Co-ordination Improves Concentration & Short Term Memory Sharpen your brain with logical toy Coordinates the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Benefits Learning from our Cube Mentors

Indian Cube Association Membership and Learning Certificates Updates of Competitions happening within our Country and Internationally


New Evidence reported recently in Scientific American – Thousand of Cells are generated in the adult brain every day, particularly in the hippo campus, a structure involved in learning and memory. Within a couple of weeks, most of the newborn neurons will die, unless the animal is challenged to learn something new.

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