Committing as many names as possible to memory and link them to the right faces in a given period of memorization time.

There are different versions of "Flash Numbers" as follows:
Events Memorization Time (seconds) Recall Time (Seconds) Number of Photography
Names & Faces (5min) 5min 15min 130
Names & Faces (15min) 5min 15min 130

The competitors choose their preferred nationality for the data bank of names and surnames.

MEMORIAD™ Software chooses the required number of photographs according to the event (approximately 50 % males and 50 % females) at random and links them to the randomly selected national female and male names with the surnames.

Boris KONRAD (Germany)
Score: 104

Akshita (Germany) INTERNATIONAL MEMORIED 2012 ATTEMPTS-2015 Score: 67

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