Extracting ten square roots from ten different six-digit numbers, solutions with an accuracy of eight digits or up to five digits from comma. There can be more than one attempt at this category with different sets of questions each time if time permits. | Time: 15 Minutes Ten questions of random 6-digit numbers for mental square root category are generated by MEMORIAD™ Competition Software; As in the following example the square root, the value of ten numbers must be calculated in mind.

Granth Rakesh THAKKAR (India) - NATIONAL 7th MEMORIAD OF TURKEY (MEMORIAD-2013) Score: 3366,234 | Time:00:01:36,25

Rhea Sandeep SHAH (India) NATIONAL 7th MEMORIAD OF TURKEY (MEMORIAD-2013) Score: 2942,512 | Time: 00:01:50,11

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